Designer Sofas

Sustainably Run Business

Designer Sofas pride themselves on working with the finest furniture brands from Italy - and their years of experience in design and buying, means that the look and feel all all of their furniture is unparalleled.

With a mission to deliver the highest levels of customer service, alongside unique products that offer the best value for money in the market and which stand the test of time, Designer Sofas are leaders in the luxury furniture space.

Sustainability & Changing Lives

Designer Sofas take sustainability seriously, and that’s why they are committed to planting a GiftTree for every purchase their Customers make.

Every GiftTree Designer Sofas fund will sequester up to 1 ton of carbon out of the atmosphere, helping offset the impact of the production and delivery of your furniture, plus each GiftTree will also help provide food, income and an improved way of life for the Communities that plant your GiftTrees in the developing world.

You will get to choose your very own GiftTree and start building your personal forest, and if you decide to purchase another GiftTree, Designer Sofas will match that one too.

Designer Sofas are changing the world one tree at a time.