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‘An outstanding initiative which successfully merges the luxury of eating out with the joy of knowing we are simultaneously giving something back to nourish our planet.’

Mr Satinder Bindra, whilst Director of Communications for United Nations Environment Programme

We plant GiftTrees.

All our initiatives allow you and your customers to plant GiftTrees.
Trees are a fundamental part of our world and the planting of a GiftTree can help in many different ways.


Sustainable Food & Living

Due to the range of trees planted, communities can:

  • Grown their own staple crops, vegetables and fruits.
  • Create low hanging leaves and foraging spaces for animals.
  • Use surplus wood for fuel and construction.

Improved Health

  • Fruit trees provide foods for families and contribute to enhancing their diet.
  • Products sold on the market provide income and facilitate access to healthcare.

Repairing Ecosystems

  • Much of nature has been lost to farming for things such as, livestock, rapseed, tobacco and coal.
  • Land that has lost trees is more susceptible to flooding, mudslides and landslides.
  • Planting trees creates and sustains biodiversity.

Facilitates Education

  • Surplus of food sold drives income and enables communities to provide education for their children
  • Creating higher-skilled individuals supports long term positive changes.

Creates Income

  • The food that is not used can be traded for goods
  • Creates jobs in communities where there is little opportunity.

We create positive stories around the world.

Our sustainability efforts drive us into new areas every year. This work creates opportunities for environments and the people in them to change for the better.

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