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The GiftTrees 'Sustainably Run Meetings' platform turns your everyday activity into a visible force for good by planting trees in agroforesty systems for attendees.

Simply add our secure extension added to your email platform, and every meeting participant can have a life changing GiftTree planted in a developing country.

What is GiftTrees 'Sustainably Run Meetings'?

For every meeting your business has, you can contribute to a triple bottom line by planting trees in developing countries on behalf of all attendees.

Then we help you tell the story of your commitment to environmental sustainability through an interactive experience that everyone can support.

Your organisation can make a real difference and create positive stories that involve both your internal and external stakeholders.

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How it works

  • Our software integrates seamlessly with your email and meeting scheduling system.
  • Every time you schedule a meeting you choose whether it is a sustainable meeting.
  • Individuals will be notified and can actively see and engage with how they have contributed to environmental sustainability.
  • Each meeting is personal to the participants and you can see and control your business social impact efforts and its communication.
  • Your business has control of how GiftTrees 'Sustainably Run Meetings' is used and the ability to view its overall impact.



Every tree has a story!

Make a difference

Carbon neutrality and environmental sustainability are key challenges society faces. You are helping to tackle this, while providing communities in developing countries with the opportunity to create permanent positive change

Social impact made easy

However you fund a GiftTree, you are part of the mission to plant 1 billion trees and lift 1 million people out of poverty.  Whether you're accepting the tree on a restaurant bill, or investing in your business triple bottom line, you're doing something life changing.

Improved customer engagement

GiftTrees create conversation and positive inclusion. Data shows that companies who use our GiftTrees integration for meetings can deliver better customer engagement and performance.


GiftTrees is the official tree planting partner of Sustainably Run Meetings.

Meeting attendees can choose the exact tree location and species they want.  By clicking on the interactive map can see the details of the tree they are choosing and can start to build their own, named forest!

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