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How it works

Once a restaurant is Sustainably Run Restaurants certified, your diners have the option of planting a GiftTree in the developing world, which is simply added on to the end of their bill. This helps counterbalance the environmental impact of their meal.

Each GiftTree planted by your diners is credited to your restaurant within your Sustainably Run Restaurants portal.

On their bill the diner will see a link to your restaurant's showcase page, where they can find out more about your sustainability efforts and how the initiative is making a difference.

As a certified Sustainably Run Restaurant you will also be able to use this certification in the marketing and communication of your restaurant. Then you will be able to enjoy a whole range of additional free benefits provided as part of taking part in the initiative.

How to become a Sustainably Run Restaurant.

Becoming a Sustainably Run Restaurant is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  • Sign up and create your free account.
  • Choose one of our EPOS partners or integrate your own solution
  • Get certified through your Sustainably Run Restaurants portal
  • Receive your certification & access marketing material.
  • You're now a Sustainably Run Restaurant!

What is GiftTrees?

When your diner dines at your Sustainably Run Restaurant they have the opportunity to purchase their own life-changing GiftTree at the end of their meal. Not only will their GiftTree offset the impact of their incredible meal, it will also help some of the poorest communities on the planet.